Ed “Big Daddy” Roth

I had the opportunity to work with Ed “Big Daddy” Roth on his Show Car Poster.

Ed Roth and me

Big Daddy’s creativity has inspired not only myself but generations.

He was the creative mind that brought us such great Show Cars as the Beatnik Bandit, Mysterion, Road Agent and more. He was also know for crazy monster artwork like Mr. Gasser, Junk Yard Kid, Race? and of course, his most famous character, Rat Fink.

Big Daddy’s Show Cars were created like no other, instead of hammering on sheet metal he used plaster to form the body and then would lay fiberglass over it. Afterwards the plaster would be knocked out leaving a fiberglass body shell. He also used bubble tops on some of his most popular creations.

I had the honor of meeting and spending time with Big Daddy while he was on tour showing his Stealth 2000 Show Car.

My first phone call for the 2000 was from Big Daddy. He called to let me know he was coming to town and asked if he could stop by my house. At that time, I was finishing up the line art on all the cars he selected to be on the poster. We had been in email contact with each other for some time before.

This photo is where I visited him at the car show. While I was there he asked me to step into his booth so we could talk some more. We talked about artwork, cars, computers, and websites.

The time I spent with him was like a dream come true.

Find out more about Big Daddy at the web sites below: RatFink.org MrGasser.com EdRothWorld.com