1949 Olds 76 Fastback Town Sedan Artwork

1949 Olds 76 Fastback Town Sedan Photo

This is a photo of a 1949 Olds 76 Fastback Town Sedan that belongs to John Gillis. John purchased two posters a while back, one of which was the 1949 Cadillac Club Coupe. He told me he was pleased to see that someone had done a print of a classic GM fastback and that he had a 1949 Olds fastback.

He said he had bought the Olds from a person in California and it was in need of restoration. He didn’t buy it because of a personal past experience, but because these cars are rarely seen anymore.

When I saw the 1949 Cadillac, I really liked how the body lines flowed down the fastback to the bumper–that was my main inspiration to draw it. Then when I saw his Olds, I thought it would be cool to draw too. Sometimes I’ll draw a car for someone; in return, they get a large 18” x 24” poster, and then I get to put it on my site to sell prints. This is what I did with John.

1949 Olds 76 Fastback Town Sedan Artwork

If you would like to get print of classic 1949 Olds 76 Fastback Town Sedan, you can get a 18” x 24” or a 11” x 14” size poster here.

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