1969 Mercury Cyclone Artwork

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

Just posted new art of a 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II.

I really like this angle of the car I think it highlights what I feel are some of its best design features; like the long fastback with its contouring two-tone paint, finished up at the end with a nice black spoiler.

Here is a sample to show some of the detail of the art.

1969 Mercury Cyclone rear detail

Here is a sample if the behind-the-scenes vector line work that makes up this piece.

A little history of the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II, it came in only two trim packages: this is the white and red version, which is called “The Cale Yarborough Special”.

I’m working away now on getting some prints and other things set up where I’ll add information on its artwork page when I have something.

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