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This is the logo I created for All American Dynamics.

Steve Lyman, the Founder and President of All American Dynamics, asked me to come up with a new logo and business card layout for his business. Steve and I know each other from the work I did on the Performance Truck Of The Year print.

The goal was to tie the wording “All American Dynamics” with what they do which is vehicle dynamics. The “All American” lettering speaks for itself, the challenge was finding an element that gave “Dynamics” an automotive feel.

To get that automotive feel I used thick bold lettering along with an silhouette of car on top. To help complete the look I used motion lines stretching the length of the lettering. In the original concept I used a generic sports-type car but after reviewing Steve had a great suggestion and that was to do the silhouette based on his Lotus formula car. The Lotus silhouette was the perfect finishing touch.

I also put together a new business card layout.

It was great working with Steve on this project. His experience includes vehicle development engineer, test driver, vehicle dynamics department manager, vehicle dynamics specialist, and vehicle dynamics executive consultant.

See the All American Dynamics website for a list of services they offer.

3 thoughts on “All American Dynamics Logo”

  1. I am hoping you can help. I had bookmarked a link to the All American Dynamics website that had information on a Ford project that they worked on in the very beginning.
    I believe that it was a ford fairmont that they gave a euro paint scheme and better handling. This car eventually became the LTD LX. Jackie Stewart, Fords at the time spokes person said it was the “best handling america sedan that he had ever driven”

    I would like to get access to that old web page. Can you Help?
    Thanks for your time, Chris Beniston

  2. Hi Chris,
    I am not sure why their site is currently down but I will forward your information to the contact I have and hopefully they will contact you.

  3. Hi Greg. I’ll put that photo back up as I construct the new web pages. Should be up by mid-September, 2011. I was working on an exclusive contract and shut down the site while I was unavailable for consulting work. That Granada/Fairmont special project was one I did for Edsel Ford II while I worked in the Fox platform development group at Ford. It was a fun job and got a lot of visibility in the company especially when endorsed by Sir Jackie himself!

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