Illuminati Motor Works Concept Car – Seven


This is artwork of the concept car “Seven” from Illuminati Motor Works.

Illuminati is one of 42 teams left competing for $5 million in the Progressive Automobile X Prize.

The rules for the Progressive Automobile X Prize is that the cars must seat four, have four wheels and have a minimum range of 200 miles. They also have to get the equivalent of 100 miles to the gallon plus be feasible as a consumer product.

The Illuminati Motor Works team members are:
Kevin Smith: Team Leader and Principle Engineer,
Josh Spradlin: Graphic Designer/ Fabricator,
Thomas Pasko: Master Automotive Technician,
George Kennedy: Mechanical Engineer
Nathan Knappenburger: Computer Science and Electronics Engineer.

I have been working with Josh, their graphic designer/fabricator, on creating artwork for the project. Josh does a great job at designing. What I have been doing is taking Josh’s sketches and redrawing them using illustrator.


What makes this project a challenge is that the vehicle is so different from anything we currently see on the road. It not like they can say, “Take an existing model and add this or change that”. So when working on a project like this it is great to have someone like Josh who can direct me on what the final car will look like with his sketches.

Below are links to recent articles about them in The State Journal-Register and the Illinois Times.

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Find out more about Illuminati Motor Works at You can also friend/follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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