Dunn-Edwards Paints’ Cartoon Truck Design

Below is a screenprint design that I created for Stormforce who then presented it to Dunn-Edwards Paints.

Cartoon Truck Design – Stormforce’s direction for this design was to create a cartoon version of a Dunn-Edwards truck for the Dunn-Edwards Road Show. The truck needed to have a large engine out of the hood, custom wheels and paint.

The truck also needed to be turned at an angle so you can see the front and the back together. In front they wanted five-gallon paint buckets being knocked around and in the back they wanted different types of paint sprayers coming out of the trailer.

Stormforce has always been great to work with, just as they were on the Hot Import Nights project!

Click the link below to see Stormforce’s website: http://stormforceusa.com