Bugatti Veyron Video

I have seen images of the Bugatti Veyron and thought it was a cool looking super car, but I had no idea if it’s performance until I saw this video today.

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear is driving the Veyron and in the video he says, “In a drag race with a McLaren F1, you could let the McLaren get up to a 120 MPH and still beat it to 200 MPH.”

I have seen Jeremy in a couple of other Top Gear videos and always enjoy his take on whatever he is driving. If you don’t know about the Veyron or it’s performance you will enjoy this video.

As far as Bugatti artwork, I did a piece of concept artwork called Roadgatti for Rod & Custom Magazine a few years back, where I crossed a Type 35 Bugatti with a 1927 Track Roadster for an article called “Reader’s Dream Rods”.

Lego V8 Engine

If you are like me you have probably seen Lego building blocks used to make a variety of things. This week I came across a video of a Lego V8 Engine that someone created. What makes this Lego V8 Engine different is that it spins at 1440 rpm!

On a post from Make, it says that it took 4-5 months to make and it is not part of a Lego set. Some very nice images of the engine can be found on Brickshelf Gallery.

Ride along with the Bandit on Google Maps

Smokey and the Bandit is one of my all time favorite movies. I must have seen this movie over thirty times.

It came out about the time me and my friends were getting our drivers license, so needless to say it make a big impression on us. Still to this day there are certain phrases in the movie that always come to mind whenever someone says something to trigger them.

Just like the previous post about following along with the chase scene in Bullitt, now you also follow along with one of the chase scenes in Smokey and the Bandit.

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Follow Famous Bullitt Chase on Google Maps


There are a lot of chase scenes I like, but none more than the chase scene in the movie Bullitt. I first remember seeing Bullitt late at night when CBS use to have late-night weekend movies. I remember staying up, watching movies and drawing cars.

Have you ever wondered where they drove at exactly in the movie?

Well, I found this cool movie that has the famous Steve McQueen Bullitt chase scene matched up with Google Maps. While you watch the chase scene the Google Map follows the same streets they drove in the movie.

What is your favorite movie chase scene?

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Super Fast Drawing Video

I ran across this video of someone drawing a Mustang the other day and thought what a great way to promote your artwork. Of course, the artist isn’t actually drawing that fast. What they are doing is drawing at normal speed and then playing it back really fast.

I found out that this artwork took 13 hours to do and was done by pencil artist Eivind Josefsen from Norway. He has a site called Drawing Studio where he has other drawings and tutorials.

Video is something I am interested in doing. Have you seen any other automotive drawing videos like this or maybe you have done one yourself?

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