1959 Hemi Sprite

Dave Marian contacted me about doing a design of his father’s 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite. Due to the shape of the front of the car and its two large headlights, some people also refer to it as a “Bug-Eyed” Sprite.

Now what sets this Sprite apart from the rest is that it has a 478 Hemi engine under the hood! Dave also told me that this car does have some history. It seems that this car has had a different Hemi engine in it for the past thirty years.

Dave had a good idea of what he was looking for, he wanted a “Roth Monster” style design. This art style was created by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. (Click here and follow the links to find out more about Ed “Big Daddy” Roth)
I was starting work on the design when Dave gave me a call about doing a second design that would look a little milder than the first design.

This is what I came up with for the milder version. Both designs are 5-colors and are planned to be printed on white t-shirts.

Here are some actual photos of the engine and car. A lot of work went into building this car and it shows.