Dandy’s Drive-In – Halloween Logo

Dandy’s Drive-In - Halloween Logo

I did this spooky design for Dandy’s Drive-In. Taylor, the owner, came up with the idea to dress the skater-girl in their logo for Halloween.

Dandy's skater girl compared

Dandy’s has been around since 1968, and their original logo includes distinctively-styled lettering along with a skater-girl. The process of redesigning the logo for Halloween was just a matter of drawing the girl as a skeleton, changing out the Dandy’s Drive-In bag for a Jack-o’-lantern, and adding a few spiders and webs. Additionally, since Dandy’s is located in Bend, OR, I added the word “Bend” in the background. Taylor’s idea was great, and the redesign turned out really nice.

You can find out more about the logo on the “Dandy’s Drive-In T-Shirt Design” page, and you can also see some of my past work for Dandy’s.