Dunn-Edwards Paints’ Truck Design

Below is a screenprint design that I created for Stormforce who then presented it to Dunn-Edwards Paints.

Dunn-Edwards Paints – front design

Dunn-Edwards Paints – back design

Truck Design – Stormforce’s direction for the front design was to create a chrome version of the existing Dunn-Edwards logo and put flames behind it.

For the back design they wanted me to take one of the Dunn-Edwards trucks and customize it using current styling trends, some of which are from the hot import car field, one of Stormforce’s hottest markets. The front design was then tinted and added into the background.

Stormforce has always been great to work with, just as they were on the Hot Import Nights project!

Click the link below to see Stormforce’s website: http://stormforceusa.com