1960 Ford Thunderbird Artwork

This is the finished Thunderbird art I posted about earlier. It’s the front end of a 1960 Ford Thunderbird and as I said before, I was doing this piece in a graphic style. The finished art ended up being three colors, black as the line work, then the base color and a highlight color.

I added a white border so the print would come out to a general size, in this case 16×24, but I can also see it printed even larger with the white border trimmed. I think this artwork would add a cool dramatic statement hanging really big in a living room, conference room or play room.

For fun I went to PhotoFunia and played around with different scenes just to see how it would look in different settings.

4 thoughts on “1960 Ford Thunderbird Artwork”

  1. Hey man…..that’s way gone!! I have one of them 60′ birds parked in the garage. Not saying your work is nessaserily fit for the garage like some snap-on girlie calender (it is definately better than that) but, it would sure look good with the car. Kind-a in a tribute sense…. Absolutely cool!!! Diggin it!!

  2. Hi John,
    I have plans to get prints made and when I do I’ll contact you.

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