Quail Radiator Ornament Artwork

This is new artwork of a Ford Model A quail radiator ornament. Below is a close-up image of the quail. Earlier I posted an “in progress” image which shows the line work.

I found some interesting information online about the quail ornament. On Slant’s website they say that the flying quail on the hood of the 1928 Ford Model A, was one of the first ornamental radiator caps for Slant and that Mr. Ford supervised every step of the design.

I also found in the book “The Legendary Model A Ford: The Ultimate History of One of America’s Great” by Peter Winnewisser, Peter writes, “Included among the accessories was the famous quail radiator cap selling for $3 and designed to represent “quail in flight, symbolizing the quick acceleration of the Ford car.”

2 thoughts on “Quail Radiator Ornament Artwork”

  1. From the sources I’ve found, it seems that Irving Bacon was the artist who worked with Henry Ford to design the ornament.

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