Mini Interview on Tweet and Greet

Want to get to know somebody? Then start asking them about the cars in their past, present and future.

Eric Miltsch the IT/Web Director for has come up with a great idea for the users of Twitter, it’s called

Mini Interview

He asks 10 easy “mini interview” questions about you and your automotive preferences. It is amazing what 10 simple questions can tell you about yourself and other people.

Being a car guy myself and into automotive art, I was happy to do it. Want to know more about me? Then take a look at my “mini interview”.

If you aren’t using Twitter yet, stop by there to see what the buzz is all about. Afterwards stop by and fill out a “mini interview” yourself. Eric is looking for clever and witty responses, so have fun with it.

Don’t forget to drop back here and post a link to your mini interview so I can find out more about you too!

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