Vintage Dragster Artwork

This is my latest artwork titled “Vintage Dragster“.


As far as doing artwork this one rates up there as one of the most challenging ones I have done.


What made this one different from the other illustrations was drawing in the details like the spoke wheels, the rail frame, and the exposed engine.


This dragster is owned by John Spradlin. John is no relation, but he does have the same name as my brother. John and I have been emailing back and forth for some time now. Sometimes I would get an email from him about his dragster and at first I would think, “When did my brother get a dragster?” then I would remember it’s from the other John.

Prints of are available in 16×24 size.


Below is detail information John sent me about his dragster.

1967 Speed Products Engineering (SPE) chassis by Roy Fjastad. Chevy 355C.I. 4-bolt block, Forged Steel Crank, Engle roller cam, Isky roller lifters & 1.6 ratio rockers, Track 1 aluminum heads (2.080 Int valves & 1.6 Exh valves), M/T aluminum rods, Forged pistons (moly zero gap rings), ‘mini’ starter, Milodon oil pan. PowerGlide trans W/1.76 ratio, Trans Brake, 5000 stall convertor, “Bandit” shifter, Mopar 83/4″ rear axle W/Olds axle ends, 4:10 ratio “PRO” gears, Wilwood disc brakes – .310″ thick discs. Steering box is a P-S, Butterfly steering wheel was a gift from a long time racing friend. Rear wheels are American Racing 5-spoke “Magnesium” 8.5″ width 10.5x30x15″ GoodYear slicks, Front wheels are 17″ dia M/C wire spokes W/2.25×17″ Michelin tires. Body by Tom Hanna. Seat by Tony Nancy.

Thanks, John!!!!

11 thoughts on “Vintage Dragster Artwork”

  1. Great piece of work Greg, what did you use? Is that all illustrator? Are did you do some photoshop?


  2. It’s a beautiful rendition of my car. I’m still stunned at how it came out. I’ve owned the car (or it owns me) since 1996 It is on it’s third reconstruction right now so, I can’t send pictures of it. Parts are scattered all over. Typical racecar. I have the 1st engine coming apart to be re-done. The blower engine is on a roller stand. I’m thinking about removing as many new things (wheelie bar mounts etc) and returning it to 1967. Well I can’t really do that. but i will be as close as I can get it & still keep the shorty PG. It will have the original style wheelie wheel. It is a single 6″ dia. wheel mounted at the rear backbone tube. The push bar will be mounted on the backbone also.
    Now as for speed & ET, at first it ran the quarter mile @154.25mph & 8.87 sec.
    With the blower, It has been only on 1/8 mile. 159.+ mph & 5.33 sec. So, you can see it is a grea little car. I did forget to mention it’s wheelbase is 173″ I’ll send a picture or two that Greg can put up if anyone is interested.

  3. Are you certain we aren’t related? I am John’s OLDER sister. I thought I was so old I was related to everyone … Cousins keep showing up so I thought my brother (not your brother, John W.) had found another one. Have you gone way, way, way back to be certain we didn’t fall from the same tree? Our geonone says we wandered into France, did cave paintings and then drifted to England, Ireland and probably Scotland. That was about 45 million years ago, so we are probably related somewhere. After all, same name in the family, love cars, etc. You and my John MUST be related. BB

  4. Hi Barbara,
    You make a good point….same name and a love of cars…..I am with you, there’s got to be a connection somewhere down the line.

  5. Your front engine digger is awesome. Most people tell me that I was born two generations late and have a serious sickness for old school hot rods, diggers, and race cars. Done any gasser pics? I tried drawing the don, woods, and cook once, but my talents should stay in the fab shop. Keep up the good work, Thanks.

  6. Killer work as always, Greg!!
    I came here to get inspired, and you didn’t let me down! 🙂

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