1959 Ford Thunderbird Emblem Artwork

1959 Ford Thunderbird Emblem Artwork

This 1959 Ford Thunderbird Emblem artwork is drawn in a new program I started using recently called Affinity Designer.

The 1959 Thunderbird has a style of it’s own. Like all Thunderbirds in this era, they sit low and wide. When I visit car shows I always enjoy looking at their every detail. On my last couple of visits, it struck me on how much time it must of took just to come up with their emblem designs. This emblem is located on the front of the car.

As some of you might know my artwork is done very basically, using the vector pen tool. Each line is hand-drawn on the computer. I recently heard some great things about an application called Affinity Designer so I gave it a try and liked it. If you are into drawing I think you’ll like it too. The image above is a screenshot of one if the views in the program.

See the completed artwork here.

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