Airbrush Artwork

First Airbrush Shirt

These are a few pictures of my airbrush artwork. I ran across these pictures and thought I would post them to show everyone of some of the work I use to do.

The first picture is of me airbrushing my first shirt for a customer in public. It was in Virginia at a video rental and t-shirt store at a strip mall.

At that time, I was using three Badger 150 dual action airbrushes with badger t-shirt paint. I keep an extra fine tip for black, then the other two had fine tips, one for white and the other I switched out for different colors.

Here are a few of vehicles I did.

Viper GTS Coupe

Chevrolet C-10 Truck

Built For Speed

It’s hard to believe these pictures are over 20 years old. I’ll post some more as I run across them.

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