Hot Rod Monster Phone Art

Hot Rod Monster Phone Art

So I’ve been playing around with a drawing app on my phone and came up with this Hot Rod Monster.

I used the app AutoDesk SketchBook and a stylus to do the work. SketchBook has many different tools to draw with like a pencil, pen, airbrush and others. The main feature for me is that has layers, layers give you more options to help build up your work.

I started with roughing in the sketch to get the general proportions right. To refine the sketch, I would add a new layer, then redraw over it to clean up any imperfections.

Hot Rod Monster Sketch

Drawing on a touch device is a little different from drawing on paper due to the lack of feedback from the pencil dragging against the surface of paper. Using the pen tool, I found it challenging to obtain a clean straight line. It reminded me of the days when I used a rapidograph pen on clear film to do screenprint art. I’ll have to play with the app’s settings more to see if I can fine tune it for a smoother line.

Hot Rod Monster Coloring

Adding color was easy by adding layers under the line work and airbrushing underneath. After the color was sprayed, I used the eraser tool to clean up the over-spray. I kept up this method for all the coloring. At times I would merge certain layers and add others so I wouldn’t interfere with the previous color work.

Hot Rod Monster Layers

Hot Rod Monster Layers Closeup

Below is the final piece, it’s not too bad for a first attempt. The big thing, it was fun to do!

Hot Rod Monster Phone Art

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