Linda Ronstadt Artwork

This is a portrait of Linda Ronstadt I just finished. The size of the artwork is 18 x 24.

When I was growing up it seemed like all of us guys had a crush on Linda. Her songs were on every radio station and I still like listening to her today.

When you go back and look at the videos of her performing live on stage and on TV shows, you really realize how powerful her voice was. Below are two videos of Linda, one with her singing “Long Long Time” on The Johnny Cash Show and “When Will I Be Loved” on the Midnight Special.

As with the portrait I did of Elvis, this isn’t automotive related, just something I was inspired to do.

Elvis Presley “If I Can Dream” Artwork

I am a huge fan of Elvis Presley and have been since I can remember. I have been to Graceland once and would love to go back again.

This artwork is of Elvis when he sang “If I Can Dream” on his ’68 Comeback Special.

I tried to limit the detail in the artwork as much as possible, only keeping what was needed to follow his facial features. I did everything in black and white, later adding to the background the red “ELVIS” signage.

This is different from the rest of my automotive artwork but something I’ve been wanting to do. Below is a video of his “If I Can Dream” performance. I hope you enjoy it, it is one of my favorites.