Corinne Drewery Artwork

Corinne Drewery Artwork

This is Corinne Drewery of Swing Out Sister from the video “Am I The Same Girl?”. The song is great and in the video there are scenes where Corinne is made-up to look similar to the artwork of Patrick Nagel.

Patrick Nagel did great illustrations in which he used minimal lines and flat color. Most people recognize the cover art he did for Duran Duran’s album Rio. I was taken in the first time I saw Patrick’s work. The style of his work is amazing.

Corinne’s make-up and her simle match perfectly to the Nagel style. I do like the Swing Out Sister sound and when you watch videos of them on YouTube you’ll find a couple where people have posted phone video of Corinne singing live in a club. You can tell a true talent because her voice, no matter what video, is spot on.

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