Chevy Spark Concept

The Spark is a new small car from Chevrolet. The Spark production car comes from a concept car called the Beat. This artwork is based on the Beat concept car mostly because I prefer the Beat’s headlight style.

When I saw the Beat concept car the first thing I noticed was the Chevy double-grille, a style which they use on many of their vehicles. I like the double-grille look but what inspired me to do a paint scheme was the fender lines on the side of the body.

On the side of the body, the front fender has an line and the back has two lines. That back top arch pointing down to the front fender line got me wondering about how it would look if the two lines where connected.

So I started by adding a side stripe connecting the two lines but felt it needed a little more so I ended up making the whole top half of the car semi-gloss black. After doing that, I felt that the top half was too dark so I thought I would match the hood with the bottom color to break it up.

Another stripe was added to follow the body lines on the bottom of the door that stretches over the back fender. Two small stripe accents were added up above the back wheel. I finished up by using gold as the secondary color and then lowering the car overall.

Here is a link the official Chevy Spark website. Below is a video on the Chevy Beat Concept Car.

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