Cruise the Web in Style!

I read an article on today about a new wireless computer mouse for the automotive enthusiast.

I have seen computer mouses (or mice) dressed up like cars before but for one reason or the other they still looked like a regular computer mouse. These new ones are different because they look more like cars than any other car-related mouse I have seen.

A company called created these cool optical/wireless USB car mouses. They have all that you would expect in a computer mouse, right/left click-buttons plus a scroll wheel, but what sets these off from other car mouses is the attention to detail.

The also come with working headlights. Since I do a lot of my artwork late at night, my first thought was that the headlights could become distracting after a while but after a little more reading on their site, they showed where you could turn the headlights off.

Fourdoormedia has even gone as far to create a site where you can title your car mouse.

I thought these were cool, what do you think?

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