Lego V8 Engine

If you are like me you have probably seen Lego building blocks used to make a variety of things. This week I came across a video of a Lego V8 Engine that someone created. What makes this Lego V8 Engine different is that it spins at 1440 rpm!

On a post from Make, it says that it took 4-5 months to make and it is not part of a Lego set. Some very nice images of the engine can be found on Brickshelf Gallery.

One thought on “Lego V8 Engine”

  1. I loved fiddling with Lego when I was littler and in the last year or so the computer games. I think that it has to be the hottest toy ever. The crucial thing about it is the number of different methods it can be configured. This is a important example of how Lego can be employed. I will definitely get my age-old Lego out now!

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