Ford Model T Artwork

Here is the finished Model T artwork that I posted about two weeks ago. You will notice on this piece of artwork that I did the Model T in percentages of one color and that color being black. The other thing that I did differently is that I chose not to use any gradations or fades.

When I first started this piece I really thought about doing it in the tans and browns to make it look like an antique photograph. A lot of times you’ll see cars of this era done in this fashion but as I started working on it from the top down and the top being black, I just continued with the look throughout the whole car.

After completing the car I started looking at a background to complement the black of the car. I started thinking about how tough these cars were in their day. Then my thoughts went to power colors and the first power color I thought of that would complement the black was red.

I like the look of this piece and I think you’ll see more artwork done this way. The completed piece measures 18 x 24.

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