How Are Giant Wind Turbine Blades Transported?

If you are into cars like me, you are probably interested in all kinds of machinery.

Recently, I saw this video that shows how trucks move giant wind turbine blades up a mountain. The video is amazing. They are transported by a tractor trailer with a special system that allows the operator to rotate or tilt the blade. The operator moves the blade as the truck makes narrow turns up the mountain.

Immediately, you get an idea of how large the blades are when you see them on the trucks. Tractor trailers are huge, and seeing a truck hauling something larger than itself is something you don’t forget.

This led me to other videos about other ways to transport the large blades. I found one way that transports them via a truck and extended trailer.

Here is one that has a type of hydraulic arm behind the truck that lifts the blade when needed and, at the other end, a set of steerable trailing wheels to help it go around curves.

I think this stuff is cool so I thought I would share. Now you know how I spend some of my time.

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