Curved Metal Prints

Curved Metal Prints

As some of you may know the artwork I offer is professional printed. The printer just started offering metal prints. These prints are made from aluminum and come in various sizes. I decided to try out their curved metal print, the curved design allows the print to stand on a desk or shelf without the need for mounting hardware or an easel. The artwork I choose to use for this was the 1970 Chevelle Convertible drawing. I am really impressed results, it looks just like the printed version and has a nice high gloss finish.

2 thoughts on “Curved Metal Prints”

  1. Wow these are awesome. Whats the pricing on this type of print? Can it be any of your cars thats you’ve done or just this Chevelle? Is the Chevelle a pencil sketch like the ElCamino or a digital drawing?


  2. Thanks Bob!

    The metal prints can be for any of the cars as long as the dimensions are similar..I’ll email you some pricing.

    They’re digital….the artwork was done using a drawing program called Sketchable. I drew it on a tablet (Surface Pro) with a pen. Then to add texture, I take the drawing and overlay it on an image of concrete wall that I took with my camera.

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