Rat Race, Drag Race

BF Goodrich - Rat Race

The Rat Race, Drag Race project was a commission from an ad agency for their client, BF Goodrich. The artwork is to be used as a web advertisement.

The agency already had an idea of what they wanted and asked me to do the illustration work. The idea behind the ad is to show that the BF Goodrich tires are ready for the street and the strip.

BF Goodrich - Drag Race

I started with the Rat Race illustration and because the ad transitions from one panel to the other it was important to keep the positions of the elements exact. In order to do this I used a copy of the first illustration to make the second.

I didn’t get a chance to see the final ad, so I made this one to help give you an idea of how it is suppose to display.

Rat Race Drag Race

I did this artwork some time ago and just forgot add to it to my site because of other rushes I was working on at the time. In fact, I have another BF Goodrich project to post after this one.

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