Dean Jeffries’ New Book

Dean Jeffries book

In the Hemmings Newsletter this week I saw that Dean Jeffries has a new book out called “Dean Jeffries: 50 Fabulous Years in Hot Rods, Racing & Film”.

Dean is a legendary car builder who was behind such creations as the Mantaray, the Monkeemobile, the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty plus a lot of other cars.

The write up about the book says it gives Jeffries’ own account of the circumstances behind the famous TV and movie cars as well as his relationships with personalities such as A. J. Foyt, Steve McQueen, James Dean, Bruce Lee, Parnelli Jones, and Elvis Presley. In the video Dean talks about doing some of the movie stunts.

I think this book will be a definite must have. If you already have a copy, tell me what you think of it.