Chevy Hand-drawn Billboard

Artistically this would be a challenge for any artist. When I saw this video I started thinking of having to deal with proportion while being so close to the drawing surface.

I think this is a cool marketing idea. Not only does it get people talking, like myself, but think of all the people driving by while it was being completed.

I tried searching to see who the artist was but I couldn’t find anything. If someone finds out, please let me know.

Motorcycle Hearse

I was going through some of the video I took at the Old Settler’s Parade this year and came across this motorcycle hearse.

I haven’t seen this one before and after a little research I found out it was from Clear Creek Coach.

Sorry for the splice in the middle of the video but a person got in front of me, temporarily blocking my shot, so I took that part out.

True Stories Behind Car Logos

I just came across an article titled “True Stories Behind Car Company Logos” by Nick Kurczewski. Having designed logos, I find it interesting on stories about their inspiration and symbolism.

In the article Nick writes how certain car companies created their logos. For example, the story behind the Chevy bowtie emblem is that Louis Chevrolet was inspired by a wallpaper pattern in his hotel room when he visited Paris in 1908. The true story by Mr. Chevrolet’s wife is that her husband had seen similar shaped logo and a Sunday supplement.

Another iconic emblem is Roll Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. It was designed by Charles Sykes in 1911 and the model for the emblem was Miss Eleanor Thornton. Miss Thornton was the personal secretary of John Scott Montagu the friend of company cofounder Charles Stuart Rolls.

The article then goes on to discuss stories behind other logos such as Subaru and Hyundai. I didn’t know that Hyundai was the Korean word for “modern” and that the H represents two people, the company and customer, shaking hands.

I thought this was a good article, it told me some things I didn’t know about car company logos. Below is gallery of car logos from Flickr.

Illuminati Motor Works Concept Car – Taking Shape

The guys over at Illuminati Motor Works have uploaded a new video showing how the concept car “Seven” is taking shape. The way they describe the building process it reminds me of the way Ed “Big Daddy” Roth use to build his Show Cars.

Read about the concept artwork I created for Illuminati Motor Works.