Amazing Scale Model Photography

This is a photo from Michael Paul Smith’s photo set on Flickr. What’s impressive about this photo is that the cars and the buildings are models. He takes these amazing photos of car models without the help of Photoshop. He says he uses the oldest trick in the special effects book and that is to line up the model with an appropriate background.

See the rest of his photos here on his slideshow.

Crazy About Hot Wheels

Hey, what can I say! I was part of that generation that grew up with Hot Wheels from the very beginning. Still to this day, I usually make my way through the stores to see what’s new in the diecast section of the toy departments.

Some people really know their Hot Wheels models and which ones are the best to collect. I usually just get the ones I like.

My interest got renewed in Hot Wheels some years ago when our daughter started growing up. Like many fathers with a little one, you end up walking and looking at all the toys in the toy department. I remember telling her about having Hot Wheels when I grew up and how I liked to play with them. After that she started getting into Hot Wheels and now we both can usually be found looking at diecast toys on the weekends.

I thought I would post for you a few of my latest finds.

Purple Passion is one of the small 1:87 Hot Wheels. It was given to me as a birthday gift from my wife and daughter. These small Hot Wheels are more expensive than the regular ones so they knew I would not have bought it for myself.

The ’40 Ford is one that caught my eye. A purple convertible with flames, how could you not like it?

I found more 1:87 Hot Wheels on clearance at Walmart the other day, so I picked up one of each they had left.

This one was handed to me by another Hot Wheels fan scanning the display. It was one of those situations where I thought I had seen all that were displayed and then this guy hands me this one and says, “Do you have this one?” I don’t know who you were, but thanks!!

Have you ever seen one of those Hot Wheels mystery packs were you couldn’t see the car you are getting? My daughter wanted to get me one for my birthday and this is what came inside the one she got for me. It looks like Hot Wheels has new approach to a Hybrid vehicle.

Hope you liked these!! There are more Hot Wheels images posted on my Flickr account.

What diecast are you interested in?

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