Motorcycle Hearse

I was going through some of the video I took at the Old Settler’s Parade this year and came across this motorcycle hearse.

I haven’t seen this one before and after a little research I found out it was from Clear Creek Coach.

Sorry for the splice in the middle of the video but a person got in front of me, temporarily blocking my shot, so I took that part out.

Special Vehicles at Old Settlers Parade

Antique Fire Truck – Side View, originally uploaded by gregspradlin.

If you like old fire trucks and tractors then do I have some photos for you!

These are photos I took at the Old Settlers Parade in Olathe Kansas this weekend. With the majority of the vehicles being new trucks and SUV’s used to pull the floats, I thought these vehicles really stood out.

Nothing says, “let the good times roll” at a parade more than a good old fashion horse-drawn hearse! Ha ha!