TATA Nano in Sunshine Yellow

This is a new color version of the custom TATA Nano I did earlier.

I posted the custom Nano artwork images in my Flickr account and someone commented that they were planning on buying one and was curious to see how the custom black/orange version would look in sunshine yellow instead of the orange. Sunshine yellow is one of the Nano’s factory colors.

In the majority of my artwork I use many different fades, so changing colors is not so easy. But on the Nano artwork I only used two fades to make up the orange, which made changing the colors easier.

That being the case, I did one up for them to see. What do you like best, the sunshine yellow version or the orange version?

A Hot Pair Of TATAs

Check out these hot pair of TATAs! This is concept artwork I did of the new TATA Nano. The TATA Nano has been introduced as the world’s cheapest car and will be launched in India sometime around 2008.


When I first heard about the Nano, I thought to myself what would one of these small, cheap, gas-savers look like all tricked out. So I drew two of them with custom paint, custom wheels, and a lowered suspension. I also modified the front of the orange and black Nano between the fog lights.

I thought that since I was doing concept art of a new model it might be a good idea not to make too many body modifications. Doing too many modifications on a new model could make it unrecognizable since it hasn’t been seen a lot by the public.


Tata Nano

So you might ask, why create concept art of what is being called the world’s cheapest car? Well, I remember reading that the spirit of hot rodding is to take what has been manufactured from the car companies and in one way or the other, improve it. It seems that you can take almost any model ever made and find one that has been modified, so why not the Nano?


Below is more information about the Nano from TATA’s website.


“The Nano is rear-wheel drive and it has an all-aluminum, two-cylinder engine. Its tailpipe emission performance exceeds regulatory requirements and in terms of overall pollutants, it has a lower pollution level than two-wheelers being manufactured in India today. The name ‘Nano’ was chosen as it denotes high technology and small size.”




What are some of the other cars out there you would like to see customized?