The Delta Kings – “4 Chords & The Truth” CD Artwork

The Delta Kings have come out with their new CD titled “4 Chords & the Truth”. I had the opportunity to work with the band to create a logo that is used on the cover, inside cover and back cover.

I usually work with Terry Hopkins who plays drums with the band. Terry gives me insight on what the band is looking for and I draw something up based on that input. Below is the shield and banner artwork.

Another exciting thing about this CD is the photograph used on the cover. Chris Brown did photography for CD and Terry asked me to come up with something using the photograph. So I brought the photograph into Photoshop. There I worked with the color adjustments, ran a filter or two, and came out with the “after” image you see below.



Dean Shelton who did the art direction used this image and did some of his own adjustments by adding a mirror image at the bottom and then adding the “4 Chords & the Truth” banner. This artwork was on the CD.

It is always cool to work on projects for The Delta Kings. Find out more about The Delta Kings at their website and checkout their MySpace page

To hear songs from this CD and any other CD from The Delta Kings check them out on iTunes.

Thanks Terry and thanks Delta Kings.

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