How to Get Exposure For Your Artwork

This week I received an email from an automotive concept artist in Canada who had a question about how to get exposure and possibly sell their artwork.

I replied but my email came back as failed. I think the email address was entered incorrectly on my contact form. I thought I would post this so hopefully he’ll see it and know I did try to reply to his question.

Hi Cliff,
To get exposure to your work, the first thing you’ll need to do is have a website. Your website will be the place to showcase your work and for people to contact you.

I’ve checked and your first and last name together as a “.com” is available so I would try to get that. Next you’ll need a website, from this point you have ask yourself how much do you know about building a website. If you don’t know much then some hosts offer website builders…..overall the cost of a website will vary depending on what you know and need. Take time to put only your best work out there. It’s good to have at least ten or so pieces to show.

After all that, try contacting car magazines that specialize in the type of subject matter you draw. You said you do concept art, then look for magazines that focus on concept art. Another angle is let’s say you drew nothing but concept trucks…….then contact the truck magazines.

Send them an image of your latest work and tell them a little about it and about yourself. If nothing becomes of it, don’t worry…..just keep on drawing and when you are finished, contact them again. Sometimes the magazines get so much they can’t get every story in, so keep trying.

Hopefully there is enough here to get you started………hope this helps.

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