Photoshop The Host – Chris Duke of Motorz

Chris Duke of Motorz posted on his Facebook page a request for anyone to Photoshop Peter of “Family Guy” onto his new “Season 3” photo.

Chris is a cool guy that I have gotten to know on Facebook and from his show Motorz so I thought I would take him up on his request.

The trick was getting the shirt to fit around Peter’s neck in a natural looking way. After a few tweaks here and there I was pleased with how it turned out.

Chris just posted an article titled “Photoshop The Host” with all the details. See the image I did at the top of the page beside Chris’s picture and at the top of the images below.

You can give it a try too, he has details on his website. Whether you do artwork or not check out Chris’s videos on Motorz. You can also check him out on Facebook and Twitter.

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