Dandy’s Drive-In T-Shirt Design

Dandy’s Drive-In in Bend, Oregon needed some t-shirts for their business and contacted me about a design they had in mind.

Dandy’s has been around since 1968 and their logo includes a certain styled lettering along with a skater-girl. They wanted to add additional elements for the shirt design like a Camaro along with a few adjustments to the skater-girl.

The adjustments they wanted to see to the skater-girl included adding pushed up long sleeves, change the shorts to jean shorts and add more detail to the skates.

When making adjustments like this sometimes I draw directly on screen and in other cases I sketch on paper first. In this case I sketched on paper first and then later scanned the sketch, redrawing it all in illustrator.

Originally designed for black ink on white and/or light colored apparel they also needed a version for black shirts. There are times in which the same artwork can be used but with this design a version for black shirts needed to be created.

This project went as smooth as any project can go! Dandy’s was great to work with, they knew what they wanted and gave me excellent instructions.

Here is a photo of the two of the girls who work at Dandy’s Drive-In wearing the new shirts.

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