The Best Configurator Of The Year


The new 2010 Mustang Customizer is out and it is one of the best configurators I have played with this year.

So what makes this configurator better than the others? First of all it has lots of options. Options for the car, options for the background and also options for different effects you can apply to the car like a burnout, dirt, and smoke.





The other nice thing is that it loads fast. Sometimes when configurators have as many options as this one, it will take forever to load.


The one little thing I think could have been done better is the parts side navigation. I kept having to chase down the “selected parts” link once the box resized itself. It would be great if it stayed the same size or either expanded just from the top down.

It also has nice share options so you show your friends what you created. Here is a link to one of the Mustangs I did. If you go and create one, come back and post it in the comments so I can check it out.

Blue is the paint color of tomorrow

In a news article I read recently, automotive paint supplier PPG issued its annual forecast of popular automotive colors and they predict that blues will take on an important role in car styling. The article also stated that DuPont has seen a resurgence of blue being used.

Knowing color trends are important when creating concept artwork. When I was doing research on colors to use for the TATA Nano concept artwork, I noticed a lot of blues being used on many of today’s customized imports. In fact, the purple Nano in the artwork was originally blue until I changed it after deciding to use blue in the background to compliment the TATA logo.

So if blue is going to be the color for the future, what are the top colors now? As far as the top color, silver wins out over all others. The colors after silver are white, black, and red, in that order.

I tried to found more information about PPG’s report on their website, but couldn’t find anything. To read the news article I read, check out “Paint maker PPG sees blue as car color of tomorrow”.