How to Get Exposure For Your Artwork

This week I received an email from an automotive concept artist in Canada who had a question about how to get exposure and possibly sell their artwork.

I replied but my email came back as failed. I think the email address was entered incorrectly on my contact form. I thought I would post this so hopefully he’ll see it and know I did try to reply to his question. Continue reading How to Get Exposure For Your Artwork

Garage Style Magazine


In the 2009 summer edition of Garage Style Magazine, I am featured as one of the artists in the “UNIQUE Artists” section.


This issue marks the one year anniversary for the magazine.

They feature outstanding examples of state-of-the-art garages as well as other type of garages and shops. They have an article on Roy Brizio’s South San Francisco shop in this issue.

One of the articles I enjoyed was about Corky Coker and how he started Coker Tire Company. They also have automobile reviews, book reviews, a buyer’s guide, and much more.

You can see an index of the current issue online along with a few sample PDFs for you to download.

I want to include a special thank you to Don Weberg the Editor-Publisher for asking me to be a part of this anniversary issue!!!

Thanks Don!!!!

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