Back Online!

I am really glad to be back online. What turned out as a web server’s hard drive going down, turned into moving my site to a new server (twice) and then running into a domain DNS problem.

I think everything has been cleared up now. So if you tried to get to my site and couldn’t, or tried to email me and it got returned, the web server going down was the problem.

I had seven sites on that server and what helped me is that I use web hosts that have the popular control panel called cPanel. cPanel has a backup utility that also helps restore your site when you move. I just needed to find another host using the same control panel.

Remember to do your backups on your site in case this ever happens to you.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!

Chevy Hand-drawn Billboard

Artistically this would be a challenge for any artist. When I saw this video I started thinking of having to deal with proportion while being so close to the drawing surface.

I think this is a cool marketing idea. Not only does it get people talking, like myself, but think of all the people driving by while it was being completed.

I tried searching to see who the artist was but I couldn’t find anything. If someone finds out, please let me know.

Remembering John Lennon

Today marks 30 years since we lost John Lennon.

I thought I would share his Mind Games video with you. I like how this video shows his interaction with everyone around him. There is a funny part where he goes into the revolving doors of the jewelry store Tiffany & Co. and comes out with a hot dog like he just purchased it there.

There are more of John’s videos to see over at Yahoo.

Motorcycle Hearse

I was going through some of the video I took at the Old Settler’s Parade this year and came across this motorcycle hearse.

I haven’t seen this one before and after a little research I found out it was from Clear Creek Coach.

Sorry for the splice in the middle of the video but a person got in front of me, temporarily blocking my shot, so I took that part out.