Curved Metal Prints

Curved Metal Prints

As some of you may know the artwork I offer is professional printed. The printer just started offering metal prints. These prints are made from aluminum and come in various sizes. I decided to try out their curved metal print, the curved design allows the print to stand on a desk or shelf without the need for mounting hardware or an easel. The artwork I choose to use for this was the 1970 Chevelle Convertible drawing. I am really impressed results, it looks just like the printed version and has a nice high gloss finish.

How to Get Exposure For Your Artwork

This week I received an email from an automotive concept artist in Canada who had a question about how to get exposure and possibly sell their artwork.

I replied but my email came back as failed. I think the email address was entered incorrectly on my contact form. I thought I would post this so hopefully he’ll see it and know I did try to reply to his question. Continue reading How to Get Exposure For Your Artwork